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Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

We have had some great specials lately by:  Sharon Renfrow, Helen and Rick Batten, Jamie Guilliams, Stanley and Glenda Jones, Tammi Housley, and our choir, which may be small, but it is ‘mighty’, with director Tammi Housley.  Yesterday, our church had a ladies mini-conference.  We had a great brunch, followed by Jeni Dixon, as our speaker.  She spoke on how we were each branches off a tree, and the trunk was God.  Every once in a while, we all have to have our dead leaves pruned so we can do good work for the Lord.  We appreciate her sharing her busy schedule with us.  After Jeni, we did crafts in the basement.  Ladies made jewelry, coasters, and cards.

UPCOMING EVENTS:  March 9th-3:30 p.m. we are planning as a church group to see the movie “Son of God”.  Bro. Rick thanked everyone for the wonderful Valentine Lunch last Sunday, and for all the hard work that went into the mini-conference.

Birthdays:  Tabby Raney.

Anniversary:  Virginia and Tony Serghides on the 19th.

Prayer Requests:  Amy, Lola Dennis, Lois Flageolle, Jason Mills, Vic Mills, Helen’s aunt, David Housley, Anthony Crisp, Pat and Shelby Moore (ankle surgery for Shelby), Steve Raney (teaching Sunday school), those in the bulletin- new prayer requests:  Weston Crisp, Matt Anderson, Donnie McIntosh, and Presley Fleisher.  Many unspoken requests.

Children’s Church:  Helen Batten. Shelby Moore read a thank you letter from the Wright Co. Children’s Home for Valentine goodies.

Today’s sermon:  Bro. Rick spoke on being ‘Down, But Not Out’.  He spoke from John 11: 1-14.  He told how Lazarus died, because Jesus was 2 days late.  The sisters were down and out; low, without hope-but it wasn’t over until it was over.  Lazarus was physically dead.  Jesus told Lazarus to come forth even though he was bound in grave clothes.  What a wonderful Victory when he came forth out of the grave alive.  Why does God let us go through problems on earth like sickness, bills, etc.  Verse 15 is the answer, “I’m glad for your sakes so you might believe”.  At the end of service, Bro. Rick baptized Jason Mills.  He explained that people get saved then they want to get baptized, just like Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.

Sunday night, Bro. Rick plans an evening of prayer for the sick and discouraged.  Visitors are always welcome at Rock Chapel.  Questions:  Bro. Rick 683-5657 or 250-0918.

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