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2-15-14. A late Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope everyone is doing well and didn’t eat too much chocolate. I don’t guess I ate a bite of chocolate yesterday, but I had some very good peach pie and vanilla frozen yogurt, which I think was better anyway. The news is the same here. Still snowing some almost every day. It snowed hard for awhile yesterday and is supposed to snow as much as three inches today. I’ve been watching the Olympics. I always enjoy those. The ones in winter more so than the ones in summer, but I like them both. I especially like the snowboarding and was disappointed that Sean White didn’t medal this time. I don’t think he did when I wasn’t watching. I think the warm weather and melting messed a lot of them up. I never saw so many of them falling before.

I heard we had 255 hours in a row where the temp was below freezing. Thank goodness we’re finally supposed to start warming up, for a few days anyway. That woman that kidnapped the little baby in Wisconsin and left it here in a plastic box behind a station to die is in the Tipton jail awaiting trial and they showed her on television when they brought her in the courtroom and so help me she had a big smile on her face as if she were a celebrity instead of a criminal. I know exactly what I would do to wipe that off her face – I’d pt her in a plastic box with the lid shut tight in freezing weather and let her freeze to death like she tried to do with the little four day old helpless baby. The doctors at the hospital say it’s a miracle the little thing stayed alive 30 hours like that. Well, lets hope she gets what she deserves in the end. Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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