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2-10-14. Hello dear friends: I guess I have to write the same ol’ news again, over and over. Snow, snow and more snow and the same with the cold. The real temperature is four degrees, but a colder windchill. They had a wind chill advisory until noon today and starting school two hours late all over this whole area. Again we’re thankful to be in this apartment. You’d never know it was even cold outside if you didn’t see it on the thermometer and hear it on the new, but I’m ashamed to say I’ve got cabin fever. I’m thankful I get to stay in and don’t have to go outside though. They said on the news that we’ve already got over 46 inches of snow this winter. I think that’s enough, but we’re supposed to get more. I guess it’s good for the farmlands. And thank goodness we’re not getting what they are in other parts of the country and all that power outage. That’s rough. I don’t know if they’ve got it restored yet or not, but I think not.

And the worse thing of all that turned into a miracle. You probably hear on the national news about the four day old infant that was kidnapped in Wisconsin and they found it over here at West Branch about 10 miles from where I live. The chief of police was checking on place along I-80 and he heard it crying behind a station and called an ambulance and they took it to Iowa City to the hospital, where the doctors were amazed and happy to see how healthy it was. It had been out therein the freezing temperatures for 28 hours in a plastic tote bag with just a blanket over it. The doctors said an adult wouldn’t have survived 24 hours out there like that. The only thing they can think of is a layer of protective fat a newborn has, but I know it had a higher power taking care of it. They have the kidnapper in the Tipton jail here in town. They should put her outside in a plastic bag with a blanket for 28 hours and see how she likes it. I don’t think the higher power would be so kind to her.

The temps are actually supposed to get up past freezing for a couple of days the middle of the week. I don’t know how long it’s been since that happended. Well I got busy watching the Olympics during the weekend and didn’t call anyone except to text daughter and niece, Renee. I heard from Anita, they’re still okay. I didn’t hear from Renee. She’s busy working. Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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