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1-27-13. Well, I will see if I can think of anything worthy of writing. Probably not, but I’ll at least give it a try. About all I really know is the weather and that’s all over like it is here. We had more snow and blowing yesterday and last night. With the low last night around 18 degrees below and I think the high is to be around zero. I think it’s been around 40 and 46 below with windchill. I’m glad I got out of the old house and into this warm apartment. But it almost worries me sick thinking about mine and Walt’s family members being out in the weather going back and forth to work. Walt’s daughter, Berta, lives real close to her work so I’m really glad of that. Also his granddaughter, Candi, and her hubby, Jarred, don’t have far to go to John Deere, where they both work. Candi has been sick, but I think she’s better now and Anita and Berta have both got colds. I guess my grandson, Jared, and Walt’s niece, Renee, have the farthest to drive. Anita said Carl has the week off. They’re having some bad issues with their pipes freezing. I think they had that once before this winter. They’ve got it fixed now.

We usually get the really cold weather awhile then warm up awhile. But this year seems like it’s been different and cold and colder instead of cold and warmer. We got out and did some shopping one day last week when it warmed up a little. It warmed up, but not the windchill. It was a shock when I went out. I was dressed warm enough except my face and around my neck. I hope I don’t have to go back out until it’s warm enough and it feels warmer.

The schools are going to have a lot of make up time, but I’m sure glad the kids don’t have to be in this weather.

I was sorry to learn of Ray Price’s death. He was another good one with staying power. Also Cal Smith. He didn’t have as many hits, but had some good ones. Try to keep warm. Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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