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I don’t know how much I’m looking forward to the month of February, it always seems to be a month that hangs in mid air without much life of its own.  It is usually a quiet month that allows one to continue to rest a bit after all of the holidays.  Maybe it should be designated as the month for plotting out gardens one inch at a time or finding all the old clothes in the house to make a rag rug out of them.  I haven’t quite decided which one to do yet.

It actually is a month that gives one full opportunity to begin to get ramped up for spring.  With eggs in the incubator, seed catalogs spread out all over the table, and an extra eye on some cows getting ready to calve, this month might be overflowing with activity.  Now that I think more about it, maybe it is just my wishful thinking that it be a slow, quiet month.

We’ve had a terrible time getting the temperature and humidity level just right in the incubator, so we are still fussing with it and on the lookout for another one.  We will be loading up one of our sweet friend’s incubator as well, it seems that someone had the audacity to steal a lot of her chickens while she was away from home.  Can you imagine?  Even though I could say much more on this subject, I won’t for those who are involved, but it is a word to the wise to be extremely careful about who knows what you have and when you are not home.  Sadly, people you never imagined will violate that trust.

In regards to recent activity on the old farm, the fawns are growing so big, we can hardly tell which ones are the mama does any more.  The Pileated Woodpeckers are making short work of the old snags and even a light dusting of snow makes for fun walks through the woods to identify all of the critter tracks.

One of our favorite shepherd pups, who is almost four years old now, has returned home for a visit while her forever family relocates to Tennessee.  One more shepherd to keep the coyotes at bay.  She is a joy and what a blessing of comfort she has been through our family’s battle these past several weeks.  She was brought to me just a few days before my Father passed away and she’s such a cuddle bug that it is hard to get too sad.

We rejoice for Dad, but are sad for our future days on this earth without him.  He was a tremendous force in spreading the gospel around the world being both a minister and a missionary, developing schools and Bible centers around the world to teach other local pastors.  For example, his last overseas assignment was to teach African men who were preaching with no education, how to understand scripture more thoroughly.  We have been inundated with messages from around the world telling us how meaningful my Father’s life was and what a difference it made regarding thousands that have been saved and new generations of ministers that have been raised due to his influence.  One of his many positions in his life was to interview potential missionaries and help get them approved for missions.  Their messages to us have been how he believed in them and encouraged them to follow God’s leading and in doing so, they have been missionaries for several decades and established churches and Bible schools, leading thousands to Christ.  My father was a quiet, humble man and to meet him one would never know of his accomplishments.  He was the quiet builder of people to enable them to go spread the gospel.  What a legacy.  The world seems smaller now yet I am richer for having him for a Father by God’s grace.  You see, I was adopted.  I personally know the grace God has given me by placing me in the home that he did.  Nothing else has moved my soul more than to know how much God loves me by this one single act of grace.  I was chosen.

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