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Winter in the Ozarks, if you like cold weather, we certainly have been blessed with it of late. After just coming back from a mission trip where the temperature was between 65 and 95, it’s a shock to your system. Being a native Ozarkian, I like the snow, but I’m looking forward to spring, how about that.

Our morning message was taken from Revelations 2:17 entitled, “The White Stone,” with a look at the various customs of antiquity which those who first heard the reference to “The White Stone” may have related to. If we aren’t careful we may lose or misinterpret what the author meant to impress upon the reader. This particular passage is truly full of blessings to those who receive, “The White Stone.”

The evening message was from Psalm 72, A Handful or An Abundance of Grain,” our Lord having referred to himself as “The Bread of Life,” the place of his birth being, Bethlehem (the house of bread.) The Psalm being a foreshadowing of things to come. If you want to hear the whole sermon, you’ll just have to come join us in worship service some time.

Next Sunday’s planned message is, “The Lord’s Time To Work,” come and critique the message, or just enjoy some good Christian fellowship and praise the King.

We do have a seat, just for you and would certainly love to have you with us this Sunday for a fellowship dinner. That’s right if you come this Sunday you not only get Reserved seating, and a message from the gospel, we’ll be happy to feed you to, you can’t hardly beat a deal like that. As if that were not enough, I know you will receive a blessing.

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