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Howdy. Wow! Hasn’t the weather been a whole lot better? It was great for homecoming Friday night. Even though the boys lost, it was a great game because it was close and both teams were really trying. The homecoming queen was Emily Bradshaw, and the king was Zane Tate. All candidates looked lovely in their beautiful gowns.

Girls played against Niangua Tuesday and won. The boys played and lost, but not by very much. They got into a little foul trouble.

The girls play Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at home this week. Thursday night is Senior Night and it’s a sad night for me, as well as, every other senior parent. Then they head into Districts 22nd through the 1st at Mansfield.

The boys play Tuesday, Thursday and Friday night at home, then they head into Districts 21st through 1st at Mansfield too.

Lonnie Bruffett and Tim Bruffett poured the footer last week up at Janet Atchison’s home. The bad weather has set them back a little.

Speaking of Janet, her kids had her a surprise birthday party at the Union Grove Church last Sunday and all of her kin from Cabool came. She was so surprised. She turned 60 on Monday.

Genora Gleason fell and broke her leg and hurt her shoulder. Last I heard, she was still in the hospital. Bill is lonely without her.

Donnie (Duck) McIntosh is still in ICU. He seems to be improving a little. We send him get wells.

Lavern and Ellafern Mullet that own the window factory, have purchased what looks to be like a new outhouse, with a wood stove in it. They are moving up in the world. They placed it right out by their garden. It sure will be handy this summer for Ella and the kids. Ha, Ha!

Here is a few reminders. Senior awards are at 12:30, May 5. Seniors last day is May 6. Their trip will be on the 7th. Graduation is set for 9th. Kindergarten graduation, 19th; eighth grade graduation is the 20th; and the last day of school is the 22nd. They didn’t have to make up all the days missed or they would be going up in June.

I had no anniversaries this week, but if you want yours noticed, call me at 746-1112 and I’ll get it in.

Fun Facts:

Ray Absher had put this in the Hickory Switcher that when the railroad came through, there was a supply depot and Norwood went from nothing to around 800 people in 1882. Norwood was booming. And now we are trying not to lose anymore businesses. Imagine what it would be like if we filled every empty building around with businesses.

Thought: I loved what our representative of this District, Tony Dugger, put in the paper last week. “I have wondered at times what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the U.S. Congress.” Ronald Raegan.

Isn’t that the truth. What is happening to us? I mean to all of us. Shame on us for once knowing right from wrong and now no one cares. Our hearts have been hardened, even in Norwood.

Until next week, God bless our little town.

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