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Howdy, another full week without school. Nine days straight cooped up in the house with little munchkins that eat you out of house and home. The sale barn didn’t even have a sale Thursday, so I can’t restock what they’ve eaten.

I guess we could start visiting someone of an evening and get there just about dinner time. Yes, that’s a game plan.

I am so sorry to hear about Fern Robertson passing away. Although she was from Mountain Grove, most of you knew her from Walmart in the jewelry department. I worked with her for a couple of years and she was a great co-worker and leader. She was a very giving person and I will never pass jewelry without thinking of her. She pierced everyone of my girls ears and she always held their hands to comfort them. I didn’t have a Christmas tree one year and she gave me hers. She said, “It was an old one, but it didn’t seem very old to me. That’s the kind of person she was.

Don’t forget your sweetheart on February 14. If you want to make some brownie points, just stop by and get some chocolates or roses to show how you feel.

February 14 is also Homecoming at Norwood. The boys play against Winona. Your Homecoming candidates are Alice Sullivan, escorted by Quintan Richardson, Brooke Cudworth, escorted by Dalton Harris, Emily Bradshaw, escorted by her brother, Taylor Bradshaw, and Emma Wilkerson, escorted by Zane Tate. It’s hard to believe these kids are all seniors. I can remember when they were just starting high school. Now this will be their last Homecoming. I think I’m going to cry. No, I’ll hold it in until I get done writing.

Delta Forrest spent some time in the hospital. But she’s home now, doing fine. Delta is a tough woman. She had to be when she was growing up with 10 other siblings.

Donnie McIntosh was scheduled to have 3 by-pass heart surgery and he is in intensive care for a few days. Our prayers are with him and his family.

Karen (Mason) Ross received an award for perfect attendance in 2013. She said that’s the first award in 35 years. She received perfect attendance in school when she was a senior. Karen is a mail carrier for the Norwood routes. Way to go Karen.

The girls basketball team played Conway and won. It was also pink-out game. They will play Feb. 10 against Ava at home. Then they head to Niangua on the 11th and Bradleyville on the 13th.

The boys played at Fordland on the 6th and won, and they will play at Gainesville on the 7th and head to Niangua on the 11th.

Our anniversaries this week are John and Miranda (Forrest) Hooker. They will celebrate 11 years; and Wes and Tammy Cudworth will be married 22 years and both celebrate on the 14th. Then Tammy’s parents, Jr. and Mabel Wehrer will be together 46 years on the 16th. Congrats to you all for putting up with each other and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Thought: Compassion helps to heal the hurts of others. Show someone you care.

Until next week, God bless our little town.

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