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Howdy. First of all, right off the bat, I want to apologize to North Wood Valley. They are still open until the last of February.

Martha Harris fell due to dizziness from an irregular heart beat. She was in the hospital around a week. James (her husband) is telling everyone that Martha sneaked out for a few days. She is home now.

Elsie Curtis just got home from the hospital again this time. She had bleeding ulcers.

Get well wishes are sent to Sherry Stidham, also to Gordon Burgholtz. I have always called him Grandpa. He has been ill for a while.

Ed Turner is glad Doris is home from the hospital.

Seems like we have a lot of people under the weather. Some due to the winter weather, a lot of flu and colds are hanging on longer than usual.

My aunt Annabelle (Bruffett) Snavely, the late Joe Snavely’s wife, sent me a card this week to tell me what’s going on with her family from the big city, Springfield. When I look at her, she reminds me so  much of my grandpa. Boy, do I miss him and Grandma Alice.

Chad and Jeff closed out their trapping season with 70+ coons, the last week they got a red fox, four coyotes and two bobcats. Chad said they were all in his trap, all but one that had to get in Jeff’s trap because Chad’s were full, Ha, Ha! I enjoyed checking the traps, except for the real cold days. Wasn’t much fun on a 4-wheeler.

The girls won the first game against Conway of the Mansfield tournament. They play Mountain Grove next. February 3 they head to Hartville. The boys will play at Fordland February 4 and Gainesville February 7.

Happy Anniversary to Dale and Sheila Garrison. They celebrated 31 years on the 28th. When I called Dale to find out his anniversary, he said he also was celebrating another anniversary. He said 45 years ago he had his leg cut off. That’s a hard way to lose weight. But I’m glad to see that Dale didn’t sit down and feel sorry for himself. Matter of fact, he’s as jolly as someone that’s got good sense. Ha, Ha!

The sale barn in Ava, better known as Cowboy Church, said there’s a new sheriff in town. (I mean preacher). Brother Johnny Williams, son of Rev. John Williams, is the pastor. He and his wife, Carrie, have four children. Like father, like son. He is walking in his dad’s footsteps. Only Johnny has a few kids less. But there’s still time to catch up.

Fun Facts: Back a long time ago, there was nothing furnished in school, you had to buy your own books and everyone walked to school. But they didn’t require as much as they do now and everyone has a car.

Thought: Donna Haigler called me and told me her mama used to say, “Promises were like a pie crust, sometimes they would crumble.”

Until next week, God bless our little town.

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