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Mt. Tabor Church

Everyone was happy to be able to gather in God’s house, in spite of snow on the ground, and the threat of freezing rain to come.

Brother Ric read Luke 19:10, focusing on the word, “Lost”.  We can be lost in a lot of situations, physically, but the most serious is to be lost spiritually, very good message.

Again, we ask if you have the talent to play the piano and don’t have a regular church, please come and join us, we would appreciate you, greatly.

Sister Mae reports her health to be “pretty good”, but stays close to home because of the danger of falling. We miss her at church and she misses church.  She enjoyed getting lots of pretty cards and especially pictures  at Christmas: Mary Jo and Jim Gaston, and their large family from Colorado, Brenda and Tim O’Conner, (Cletis and Lavon  Pruiett’s daughter) Kristy Tackett and family, from their vacation to the Bahamas, Joseph and Amanda Elliott, and their baby boy. Mae always enjoys calls from her brothers and sisters, Johnny, Golda, Sylvia, Cletis and Lue. Cletis is not doing as well as he would like, our best to him.  Mae’s other visitors lately have been, Lisa Johnson, Jesse and Stephen, who was celebrating his 27th birthday, Tim Hall, Lauren and Hunter, who all enjoyed Sunday dinner with the family.

Visiting Tom and Jewell Elliott this past week was James Elliott, who has been helping with chores, Shaun and LeAnna Elliott, MaKayla and Logan, Jim and Carla Hearod.

Martin Hathcock visited a few times with Harold and Kay Hutchison last week.

Imogene Madewell is beginning to recover from a bout of pneumonia.

Several folks have these illnesses that hang on, especially the cough, all our best to them to hurry and get well.

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