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Well it was too cold for me to be brave enough to attend church Sunday, so I listened to several sermons via tv and was so involved that when I got up and about I looked out to see a winter wonderland. It was very pretty with big snowflakes falling, but then I don’t let myself enjoy it thinking of all the truckers out there on the road and my three boys having to leave out on Monday.

In my youthful days, we didn’t have to worry about making up missed school days because we didn’t have to ride the bus, we just walked and very seldom missed a day. Of course when we went to high school we rode the bus and missed a few days. Seems like the kids will be going all summer to make up snow days this year.

After church Sunday Kent and Ruth, Kevin and Kasey came by and visited with me awhile. I enjoyed the company very much.

Ruth and I spent the day together last Tuesday when she took me to Springfield to my pacemaker doctor. I appreciate my family for their love and kindness and care of me. Every bit of the time they give me is so appreciated.

My daughter, Kim, called during the week. She and Allison, my only great grandchild, are planning to come next weekend. I can’t wait!

My two sisters called and Jean wants everyone that is making quilt blocks for our family reunion raffle quilt to be working on them because she wants to get the top set together to be quilted so that we won’t be pressed for time. After all, the way time is accelerated September will soon be here. We would like all of Dad and Ma Degase’s children, grandchildren, etc. and assorted relatives to be represented in this quilt, which will become a family heirloom for one lucky person during our Labor Day reunion. Give one of us a call to let it be known that you are making a block or blocks for other members of your family. Call me at 265-3395 or Jean at 265-3668.

Not much news. I haven’t heard from any of the Super Bowl enthusists.

My niece, Robyn, comes three days a week to clean and cook and so I look forward to her company each week and Candace, my nurse, comes every Monday. She is a bright sunshiny kind of person and time with her is special.

Karen and Nikki came one day. They are both making quilts and crafts plus Karen is putting in new paneling in certain areas of her house. Karen always has a project going.

Ruth is enjoying retirement and now that Burr is back to driving a truck she has taken up needlepoint and wants to learn embroidery to keep herself occupied.

It is certainly good to have a hobby. I have had our quilting club and related activities for a very long time. I was in club with my Mom, Aunt Audree and Iva and many friends down through the years. We have quilted hundreds of quilts and I quilted until I no longer could and then Norma and I did cleaning projects and many activities and now I’m the designated hemmer which keeps me busy. I also do embroidery and applique and I am an avid reader so I am always busy. And I am writing a book, which has slowed down lately plus, I write for the paper.

So I’ll say so long and get busy.

Hi to all my friends and I’ll answer letters soon.

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