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A very nice Saturday we cut up a dead tree. I told James I heard on the Ava radio station they want to stop people from burning wood. We sure are going to lose our rights. The pellet stoves use wood they say from where our good government is selling off timber. They cut small trees to see for use of pellets so I imagine when they get the pellets all sold they will start on wood burning stoves. They say this puts people out of business who build stoves. Nothing should surprise us.

Mike Stevens stopped by Saturday morning while we were cutting wood.

Fishing fever is starting in, but the cool temps may cool the fever. I noticed some of the real early spring flowers are up. They are not very tall, they have a white bloom. Easter lilies are appearing some, they may get a rude awakening.

Jerry Nelson is out walking trying to get his strength back.

Aunt Dale Thomas passed away. Her funeral is Monday. All of Mom’s brothers and sisters and their spouses have all passed on and none left on Dad’s side.

I went up to Highlonesome Cemetery and the wind sure had blown the flowers for a loop. Saturday Rex and Shirley took Easter flowers to put on the family graves and got the Christmas flowers. I visited my sister, Sybil Harvill, and took her a birthday gift. Rex Halcomb, her brother, stopped by with a gift and card. Her children and part of the grandkids had visited and brought her gifts.

Junior and Betty Halcomb visited Wednesday. David Halcomb and Rex Halcomb all have been here.

It sure is sad, but the thieves are working pretty hard around here.

I talked to George Morrison by phone Monday morning. Janie took her sister-in-law, Jean Loomis, to her eye doctor, so I didn’t get her news.

Saturday night we attended the fourth Saturday night singing at Union Grove Church. Bob Hammons, his sister, Wanda Osburn sang and another guy from Cedar Creek, Olen Tate and Joe Mullens played. Bob and Dee usually attend if he feels good and they are not booked somewhere. James got to hear his song and I got to hear mine. The had supper before they sang and everyone had a good time. You singers and listeners are more than welcome.

Dee Hammons attended church at Garrison. Her husband, Bob, has health problems. He needs your prayers. Dee had leg surgery and she told me Saturday night she had been wanting to come to Garrison and she came. Sunday at Garrison the count was 48. We had good altar service and James and me went on to the Deacon Ordination at First Baptist at Sparta. Hank Thompson and Aric Humble were ordained. James helped with the ordination.

At Garrison Sunday night Bro. Scott Newell sang and preached. God is using this young man. He preaches at the hospital in Branson on Sunday due to a request from a patient friend of his and God has blessed Scott’s effort. James had the church to have circle prayer for several who are having health problems.

Our hearts go out to the Hailey Owens family. I know the guy who did this terrible thing to the child has family who are suffering too for the Owens family and to think he did such a terrible thing. A little girl so sweet and innocent. May God comfort her family and I feel sorry for his family. As for him, we are suppose to pray for him because he didn’t have the love of God in him to do such a thing.

I talked to Neva Maggard and her and Jerry had visited Iona Maggard a while back.

Have a good weekend.

I read this in Linnie Ingram’s column last week, Tecumseh and Lilly Ridge…It’s hard to forgive when you don’t forget. I always say vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. Here is what she wrote and it touched me last week. To forgive is holy, to forget takes restraint, to forget what you forgave is the mark of a saint. Think about it. We are confronted a lot on forgiveness.

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