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This year a later Easter I hope means early spring. Lou Rains busted my bubble by saying usually does not warm up until after Good Friday. Mom use to say, safe to plant beans on good Friday. But if it thunders in February it will frost in May. Mercy, hard to win for losing.

Sunday 45 was out for church at Garrison, with 58 the week before. Melany Stevens sang a special. Some used the altar both Sundays. Sunday night glad to have Rev. Gale and Wanda Osburn. Melany or Mary was not there so Wanda played the piano and also sang a special as did Bro. Scott Newell. Bro. Osburn pastors Union Grove and have a singing on the fourth Saturday night of each month. They would love for you to come and listen or bring your music. Refreshments are served afterwards. Wanda said they have a lot of fun and you are welcome to Union Grove services. All churches around seem to have plenty of seating room this day and time. Singing starts at 7 p.m. It is usually in the calendar of events. For more information call Gale or Wanda. Pastor James Orick brought the weekend messages at Garrison. If you like the old time preaching come join us. Sunday school starts at 10 a.m., worship at 11 a.m., Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday night at 6:30 p.m.

Saturday morning James and I visited Betty Halcomb. Junior had went to the Feed Bag Store. We drove on down to Cedar Creek, came back and took a nap.

Friday was Mom’s day to plant lettuce. It was a bad time as the ground was froze and cold and muddy. This was also my sister, Sybil Harvill’s day and our cousin, Carl Thompson held to the 14th for early lettuce. Plenty of time to sow our lettuce. David and Junior Halcomb were here Friday evening. We had to make a trip to Ava and missed them. Rex Halcomb visited us Friday morning. James finally got his birthday gifts from Rex and Junior. His birthday was Feb. 6th. Our county roads were very bad. Friday was the first time we got our two wheel drive out. I guess grading them would not of helped much, but it sure would of cleared up sooner. Anyway that’s my thought. Boulders Fork Road is rough. I am 61 and I don’t imagine it will ever be any better.

Happy Birthday to Sybill Harvill and Shirley Halcomb and also Rex and Shirley’s anniversary. Happy belated to Dillion Morrison and David Halcomb in January. Jerry Nelson celebrated in February as well as Kit Grimes.

Russ, Kim and Stevie Jones were in Arkansas Sunday. Steve is on the traveling basketball team. School at one time didn’t have ballgames or homework on Wednesday nights. They don’t pay Wednesdays or Sundays any attention anymore. It bothers the Jones family for it to be on Sundays, but if your child plays ball, you have to go. Christians should complain. Russ said you would not believe how many people you see out not attending church on Sunday.

Tim Fink visited George and Janie Morrison. Janie and her niece, Phyllis Bloomer visited Iona Maggard.

Pray for our country which is going down fast and all the sick folks.

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