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A visitation for Fae Pruett was held at Ava Family Funeral Home Friday night, January 31st. Her funeral was at the Eastern Gate Church, burial by her husband, Leonard at Harvill Cemetery. The Pruetts lived a long time around Kiger Mountain. After he passed away she moved to Ava. I remember their blue Chevrolet pickup. James and me attended church where they did at Mt. Olive Highlonesome, White Oak and Eastern Gate Church. Fae, Mom. Lotus Swearengin, Bertie Nelson and Jane Pruett always sat together. Now heaven is their home. Rev. Joe Lafferty and Rev. James Orick officiated. Susie Sisco, Judy Willis, Ronnie and Sue Thomas presented the songs and music. Her doll, Ethel Mae was with Fae since she was a little girl. I believe her first doll wearing Fae’s baby cap and shoes. They sat her on the inside of the casket. Pretty flowers filled the front of the church. I told James she looked more natural there than at the funeral home. He said she is home. She and Leonard had a good life together that they enjoyed. And now they are at their real home.

I never got our attendance Sunday at Garrison Church. I forgot to look. Plus I was talking, can you imagine that? James preached from II Chronicles, verses 12-14.

God is in control, I wish people would heed to this verse. If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked way; then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin, and heal their land. Folks if people would go by this what a different world to live in. I never saw such a time people have turned to so much sin. God will not put up with it. That’s my two cents. Also Matthew 7:24-27.

We sure could use your help at Garrison. If you sing specials we sure would welcome that or if you just want to listen to the teachings and preachings of God’s word. Have you been listening to John Hagee’s prophecy on the four blood moons. Wake up people. He is coming soon.

Tuesday James and I visited Buddy Gibson at Mercy Hospital. His wife, Mary, is staying with him. Remember him in your prayers.

Our aunt, Dale Thomas, also needs your prayers. She had a stroke. Joe and Clara and Lafferty and his daughter, Susie Sisco, visited Dale and Howard Thomas. Connie Osburn, Dale’s daughter is helping Howard care for her.

A young female airdale dog came to our house two weeks ago. I imagine she was dumped, but if she is yours you know where she is at.

Folks, be sure and gripe about our electric rates. They want to ship our coal to China, so their electric will be cheap and ours will be at a very high price. It will be like the jobs that they let go to other places. Too late to gripe after they’re gone. You think it won’t happen. Think again. Our government wants control and they will get it, so speak up. You think your electricity bill is high, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

Jayme Morrison and Shane Clinkingbeard visited her grandparents, George and Janie Morrison Sunday. Their son, Bo and Calab Morrison visited during the week. The Morrisons attended Janie’s cousins funeral, Betty Loomis.

Sunday while taking the dogs for a stroll, we visited Gary Harris and Joetta Maggard. They are helping her dad, Jerry Nelson, with his cattle and Gary has been cutting wood.

The roads were much better than last Sunday going to and from church. Our county road is very slick. James and me have been like two old groundhogs, we just got in our den and stayed put from Monday until Sunday.

Taney County ran out of salt and they take care of UU going to 125 hwy. They are putting crushed gravel on.

Not much visiting going on just using the phone, but that goes on when we have decent weather. People have busy lives. As on tv a four year old shoveling snow looked up toward heaven and said, “Jesus send us some warm weather.” I will Amen that.

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