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Last Weeks News – Hello again from our home on the hill.   Well, I tell you right now, it is cold on this hill.   Every window I see through shows ice and snow and more promised to come.   It is such a blessing that we have a good warm place and warm-hearted people to be with us in this kind of weather.  I can even regulate my room heat, day or night, and be comfortable.  And another blessing is that we have good food anytime we want it and friends to enjoy it with us.  My concern is the people outside our home traveling to and from work.   We continue to pray for our community in this bad weather.

We missed having Bible Study with Carol Carson this week.   I spent my time getting a new puzzle ready for anyone to work on and I noticed  several new people working on the puzzle.  It is a pretty picture of bright red birds.

We had a nice group of game players and David Norman stopped in to see us and visit with LaVern Ashby during our game time.  Connie took some pictures and put on facebook for our families.  Connie shows us all the  likes and comments on the pictures.

One day after game time a bunch of us got to talking about all the businesses that use to be around the square and how it is so much different now. I was surprised at how many we could think about.  Do you remember Carp’s Department Store, Spark’s Dry Good, Hesterlee’s, Western Auto,  Davis’ Fireside and Lawn, Dr. Cecil Harley, Dr. Sample, Dr. Gentry and Dr. Harlan, Richard Brothers, Moore’s Ice Cream Parlor,  Sue Pott’s Cafe and many many more, all gone now and so different!  It seems to be called, “Progress!”

So we must progress around getting to know new friends, going to therapy and saying goodbye to friends and family.

Our prayers and sympathy go out to the families of Fae Pruett, Dorothy Bock and Mrs. Dee  Murdy.  Each will be missed in their own way.

Mrs. Fae always had a smile on her face, Mrs. Dorothy loved  to play games and we will miss Mrs. Dee each time that we see Victor.  Her voice was so pretty and sweet.

We welcome new residents to our home. They are Charles Floyd, Suanne Sutherland, Janet Nute and Russel Hennigh.

Congratulations to Bobby Ward on getting to go home last week.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.

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