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Sis. Maxine had another great message for us Sunday morning. Matt. 27, Voices around the cross. You could just almost imagine your self there. What a sad time. So many things are mentioned here in these scripture that our Savior took just for us. All the while he could have called ten thousand angels, God would have brought him down, but He chose to stay and suffer such cruel words and crucifixion just so we might have a choice to someday spend eternity in Heaven with our Father and Jesus and to thank them for what they gave for us to get there!

Sis. Maxine spoke of a heartache. Sometimes we have heartaches, either from a bad thing that’s happened to us, a illness, a death, a hurt that just aches our hearts. Some turn to alcohol, others to drugs, lots of things we use to deaden that pain, to make it not painful. If only we would look to the cross, see a savior there who died for all these things, that we might not have to go thru these things alone. He will always be there for us, we just have to ask him into our hearts and lives and He will take these heartaches, and carry them for us. At this time of the year we begin to get closer to the time we celebrate Easter and remember The Son that God gave for us to have eternal life. Our prayer is all will take time to really think about what He really did for each and everyone of us.

Sunday night Sis. Maxine’s message was from Psalms  17. Night seasons in a christians life. I’m sure we have all had these times in our life. Times we felt all alone. When we maybe have gone thru a tragedy, suffered pain, been discouraged. But when we purpose in our heart, we are going to serve the Lord, do all we can do to please Him, and do as David describes here in this chapter; when we cry out to God, He is faithful to hear our cry and help us in our time of need. It doesn’t matter how good a person we might be, or how bad, troubles can always come our way, but God is always faithful, (as a dear saint has taught us for years now) when we call out to him, he will always have that listening, caring ear. It is said that night seasons will either make you bitter, or better. Lets choose to look to Christ should we go thru these times and let them make us better.

In closing Sis. Maxine said something I’d like to share with you. There has been many times in my life when I felt alone and not worthy of anyone’s love or care. But Sis. Maxine said, “God knows all. about us, and He loves us still!” Maybe you’re in that place, where I once was, just know, “he loves you still!”

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