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Sis. Maxine preached from Gen. 26 again this Sunday. Three weeks in a row from the same scripture would make you think we weren’t listening. After all, the messages do come from God, she is just the messenger. Although each week has been from the same scripture more has been added and there has been more to get from each message. God knows what he’s doing, and He knows what we all have need of hearing.

Sis. Maxine also read from Acts 24: 25.  Felix waited on a more convenient time.  How many of us have said this very thing, lets wait till later, a better time.  Just a little longer. God may not always give us longer, and it may not be in our convenient time when we come to know the Lord as our savior. How many people could be missing a blessing from us not knowing the Lord. For us to share the Lord and His salvation with that lost love one or friend. We all have a special place in Gods work. Lets not miss our appointed job he has just for us, to carry on his work and share his word. To lift up that troubled soul.  Lets don’t keep putting things off for a more convenient time a Felix did. Especially when it comes to accepting the Lord as our savior.

Our singing Sunday night was really good. Had some good testimonies, and snacks and fellowship afterward. Some of the ladies did a real good job decorating our dining area. Thanks Ladies! It looked very nice.

Bro. Gary says his Wed. night class will be on the whole armour of God, this weeks lesson on the breast plate of  righteousness. I was reading over this, and where it said, To put on the whole amour of God,that we may stand against the wiles of the devil. This makes me think we should pay attention to this, and see just what all the whole armour of God would be. That old devil seems to be trying to get his foot in everywhere. So it just might be, (as one of our dear men at church says) we could learn & benefit greatly from this, knowing what the whole armour is.

Remember all the sick and those who have lost loved ones.

If you don’t have a home church we would love to have you at Girdner.

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