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Last Weeks News – Tuesday, Feb. 3rd. Aren’t we glad the ground hog didn’t see his shadow here? Our snow from Sunday is nearly gone, but our weather is suppose to be bad all week. Oh to be in Florida. Maybe not, they have huge snakes.

The birds are sure eating this morning. I have so many cardinals.

Patty Stephens came down Thursday and took me for my protine then I went home with her and stayed until Saturday evening. Carter (her grandson) stayed Thursday night and most of Friday with us. Then Saturday morning we went to Republic to watch his basketball game, 4 and 5 years old, they are so cute. Then Josh, Sandy and Carter, Patty and I ate a late breakfast at a café in Clever and then she brought me home. I stocked up on groceries, cat food on the way home.

Carol Wise of Mountain Grove visited a week ago Sunday evening with Ann Collins. Also Bertha Scherer visited her.

Last Tuesday at the Rock Church was the funeral and burial of Danny Joe Coonts. Sympathy to his family.

I also read that Pauline Kern had passed away. They, she and Dick lived over on the old Henry Hurst place for several years. She was a very nice person.

Karen Fredrick had a bad case of some sort of flue last week. She missed work all week. I rode with her to Ava one day week before last and got my Christmas gift at the Herald office. I appreciate it.

Dwayne Sparks had a birthday, Feb. 2nd, Dan Ousley on the 6th, Ted Collins has a birthday the 14th, Pat Daugherty the 26th, Devin Snodgrass also the 26th. Happy Birthday to all who have birthdays this month.

Until next time, God bless and take care.

“When we grumble about what we don’t have, we should praise God for not giving us what we deserve.”

Monday, Feb. 10th – still cold, slick and cloudy, but we are to have 50 degree weather this weekend.

Don’t have much news, Sharleen Daugherty of Grove Springs called today. She and Andy had got home last Wednesday after spending over a month in Florida where Andy was training dogs. He left Sunday for Grand Junction, TN. for a field trial.

Sirena, Jonah, Micah, Cole and Isabell visited Saturday with Karen and Doug Fredrick.

Doug and Karen had visited one day earlier in the week in Mountain Home, AR. with Butch and Nita, his dad, Butch, was feeling some better. He is on dialysis.

Bev Emery and Sharon Driskell visited with me on Sunday.

Until next time take care and get ready for the warmer weather.

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