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Gentry Church

After opening our morning service with prayer and singing, we studied in Sunday school class about control of your speech. Words can bring comfort and healing and some words can tear down and destroy. We should try to tame our tongue and put it to work for God.

Happy Anniversary wishes went out to Duane Camp of Cordell, Georgia. He attended Gentry Church years ago and is a uncle to Janice Young and Pat Byrd. They plan on going down to Georgia this weekend and join the family in celebration of his 80th birthday. A video was made of Gentry singing Happy Birthday to him and some of the service.

Many from Gentry attended the Fourth Sunday Singing at Sweden Sunday and the next singing will be March 23rd, 2 p.m. at Mt. Tabor Church. So mark that on your calendar.

Our special song was by Bob Huskey and Keith Lafferty.

Last week during that high winds, Bob and Ella Mae Huskey lost some of their roof from their house.

Pastor Lafferty brought the morning message from Philippians chapter one. We have a responsibility in this life to fellowship in the gospel. Everything we do make our requests and prayers with joy and love will abound.

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