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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

I am sitting at home today, because my road is slick and snow covered. I think I am ready for spring, but I hear that we have a few more weeks of winter on the way.

We have said good-bye to another member of our church this week. Fae Pruiett, has moved on to her heavenly home. I told Linda Orick, I know that the other elder ladies of our church were welcoming her home.

We had dinner for the family at church after the service. We had a lot of food left, so we decided to serve leftovers after church Sunday. So with the addition of a couple of cakes and brownies we had a good meal Sunday and then dismissed services Sunday night because of the weather. Donald said that they even had a few slick places on their way to church Sunday morning. Suzie and Kenny came up to look for a bracelet she had lost and we talked them into joining us for dinner. It’s always good to fellowship with friends.

Now stay safe and warm, I know that God is going to send us some warm weather. Before we know it we will be praising his name for the good harvest he provides.

I can’t wait. But for now we need to praise him for all he gives us every day. Take care till next time.

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