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Dogwood Ramblings

Have you had your fill yet of snow, ice and cold?  It is all of 1 degree out there as I start this morning on the column and my dog brought something to my attention with her barking.  It was 4 beautiful deer about 100 yards away in the woods pawing for acorns and ignoring the dog completely.  What a beautiful site.  One deer was larger than the others so I checked with Ron who informed me that it is about this time of year the bucks lose their horns so, yes, one could be a buck.  I brought the dog back into the house so the deer could eat in peace.  Besides, it was too doggone cold out there for mankind or beast.

E-mail coming here has slowed to a trickle, as have phone calls and visits, but money requests continue to come in by mail, wasting trees while they ask my opinion on government, etc.  I don’t reply to those opinion requests as my language may not be ladylike.  Some of the phone calls actually have the audacity to ask for credit card donations and some ask for credit card information.  I am on the Missouri No-Call list but that doesn’t seem to mean anything.  The caller ID is often no information for who is calling, sometimes just a series of numbers and letters.  Oh well, more time for reading and bookkeeping and a bit of cleaning as I am mostly housebound.  I did put together a hamburger/barley stew that goes great over mashed potatoes or white rice that is good comfort food during nasty weather and has a tendency to add a pound or two.  One cousin from near Bemidji, MN makes me ashamed for complaining about snow and cold.  At least I was able to get to town on Friday and encountered friends and neighbors who also were also replenishing their cupboards.  Some of my cousins up north are literally snowed in.  Sunday morning Hwy 14 was a bit slick, again.  Dogwood received more snow Monday morning and for a change, some of vehicles were going by a little slower.

The Wagners continue to spoil me.  They bring my mail to the house each afternoon so I won’t fall as I am so clumsy on ice, and they call and check on me each morning.  One can’t ask for better neighbors.  Back to ice…..the Winter Olympics are a joy to watch regardless which country wins in each event.  Such superb athleticism!  Even my youngest granddaughter can run and skip on ice and snow.  But then I wasn’t raised where there was ice and snow (my excuse!).

Watch out for others and continue to pray for all.

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