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Dogwood Ramblings

No repercussions (yet) to last week’s column.  More nasty weather here!  Two families in this area were recipients of that huge oak Randy cut down for me.  The tree had been dead for two years and I was concerned it might fall on my shed, but Randy assured me it would have stood for quite a long while.  Oh well, now I don’t have to fret about it and friends have firewood for warmth.  I appreciate it Randy!

I’m looking forward to the Olympics, especially the ice skating events, races, etc.  As for the Super Bowl, that was time for a good book, although I will say the Star Spangled Banner was beautifully rendered.  I heard that the 30 second Budweiser ad cost something like 4 million dollars to air!!!  With all the snow there isn’t any desire to go anywhere or do much of anything.  Good thing I had some propane brought out this past week, however, it was a great big “ouch” to the pocketbook.  Scalping???  Bob and Dana Wagner heat with wood pellets and claim that is the best way to go.

Dogwood does have problems from time to time.  In the past 3 weeks or so two vehicles have gone off the side of the road apparently due to ice and one vehicle killed a calf on the road.  Saturday night I woke up to flashing lights, but the fog was distorting the lights which appeared to be coming from Richard and Jocelyn Downs place.  I called there to learn of the latest “off the road incident” but pleased to know all was well at the Downs farm and no injuries.  It does seem that this particular stretch of Highway 14 has seen more than its share of accidents.  One time a load of hay (on ice) took out the mail boxes here and the retrieval of the hay left nasty ruts in my yard.  Another time a semi was trying to back into a farm yard, with people standing out in both directions trying to stop traffic.  However, one driver wasn’t about to be delayed – until that vehicle slammed into the side of the semi trailer.  It seems this fairly straight stretch of Highway 14 is more of a race track regardless the time of day, night, or of weather or human conditions and, alcohol has been a factor more than once.

Sunday I opted to stay home rather than chance the icy roads, especially after a family member called and strongly suggested I should stay home.  A few others in this area also made that suggestion by phone.  The week just doesn’t seem right without going to church on Sunday.  However, one can pray anywhere, any time.  I do pray the weather doesn’t cause difficulties for any.  Do stay warm and watch out for your neighbors.

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