County Line

A week ago Sunday Max Stephens, Lisa Hensley and Jordan Hensley visited John and Jo Stephens.

Donna Dodson was here on Monday. She took me to town for blood work.

Eric Stephens visited John and Jo Stephens on Monday.

Donna had lunch at school with Macee Breeding on Tuesday and with Quin the week before.

The wind blew a lot of my shingles off. Donna, Reece, Megan, Quin and Macee, Jolisa, Willie, Kellie and Ashlin, Amy, Dalton, Challa and Axle all came over to help me.

Ethan Gunter, Porter McCullough and Cole Atnip all spent Friday night with Reece Goforth then on Saturday went to Springfield for Reece’s birthday which was Sunday. David and Donna visited them on Sunday for a BBQ and birthday cake. They brought me some cake.

Ronnie and Amy brought me a turkey leg they had deep fried on Sunday.

Donna watched Quin and Bryse play ball on Saturday. Then she, Megan, Quin and Macee took me to town for lunch and shopping.

Regan Koop spent Saturday night with Megan Goforth.

Cole Atnip spent Saturday night with Reece Goforth.

Quin and Macee spent Saturday night with David and Donna.

Ronnie Croney and Willie Perryman put a tarp on my roof Sunday. I appreciate everyone’s help.