Breedon Church

2-23-14. Thank you Lord for your blessings of this past week. Thank you for all you have done in your healing to those we have prayed for. I also want to thank all of the churches that I asked to pray for Debbie Snider and the cancer that was diagnosed. She has a lesser stage than the physicians first told them after further testing. She will still have some chemotherapy, but not the extent that was originally thought and I praise God for His intercession.

Today’s lesson comes from Titus the first chapter. Paul is writing to Titus of speaking sound doctrine for there are those that teach false doctrines for filthy lucres sake. He instructs to rebuke sharply for any false teaching and this is something we need to continue today. The Bible teaches plainly of how we are to conduct ourselves and anything else besides His teaching is sin. It does not please God and I feel our country is quickly approaching, if not already in this state. Christians, let us humble ourselves and ask for healing of our land. This is not up to the unbeliever for their eyes are blinded and their ears closed to hearing and the eyes seeing the truth. I pray God will remove the blindness from their eyes and unstop their ears that they may hear the truth and be set free from the bondage of sin.

Services changed to worship, but before we begin congregational singing, let’s remember the family of Dale Thomas in her passing to her heavenly home. We are praying for God’s comforting hand on your hearts today and in the days to come.

We are blessed with congregational and special singing. A lot of hoarse voices lifted up praises this morning. Ronnie and Sue Thomas and their granddaughters, Callie and Nykyah sang a beautiful song. This was one I haven’t heard, but it sure is one that I will enjoy hearing again.

The morning sermon cme from Romans the 14th chapter. We as Christians are not to judge those that are not. We are not to make ourselves a stumbling block to those that have not yet accepted Jesus in their hearts. Whether we are lost or a born again Christian, we belong to God. Not a one of us belong to ourselves and we all will stand before a righteous God and judge. If we can’t say something good about someone, we should keep our mouths closed. Only God knows a heart and the circumstances of an individuals life. We don’t condone sin and we strive to keep from sinning as a believer. But if we find one that has not been convicted, we are of no more righteous than they are. Our righteousness is as filthy rags and it is the grace, mercy, and the blood of Christ that covers our sins. We were not appointed as judges, but as lights to shine in a dark and sinful world. If we believe something is wrong then we shouldn’t do it for it is evil. But another’s belief may not be just as ours and we are not to do anything to make ourselves a stumbling block or offense to another. If God tells us to go witness to one, then He will prepare us and the heart of the one we are to go to. If He has not sent us then we should say nothing lest it make an unbeliever even more weak. Let us pray one for another and ask God to convict the hearts of those who are still without Jesus.

This is the last Sunday in February so spring is drawing nearer. I welcome it ever so gladly. I pray you all have a great week and may the blessings of God pour down upon you.