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Bethany Baptist Church

Some of the Bethany Baptist Church people had lost shingles off their houses, almost everyone had small tree limbs blown all over the yard, and some almost got blown over trying to walk from their cars to get inside somewhere, but no one reported any major damage from the wind storm, last Thursday. We may think that we have everything in control, but the Lord lets us know once in a while that there are things out of our control.

Norma Stillings and her son, Dan, attended the funeral service for her Aunt Marie Arbuthnot, last Friday in Wood River, Illinois. Norma’s sister, Anna Goos, and her husband, Pete, of Lee’s Summit also attended that funeral. They drove to Illinois, Thursday, and returned to their homes, Friday evening.  Then Monday, Norma attended the funeral service that was held for her father’s first cousin, Dale Thomas. There is a song that says something like, “We are going down the valley, one by one.” It is surely true.

Jeff and Stephanie Corder also lost a dear friend, Tom Sumner, of Pontiac this week. Tom attended Price Place Church in Arkansas where Jeff Corder is pastor.

Norma Stillings sang a special song Sunday morning. Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message from Isaiah 55:1-8, “Seek the Lord while he is near.”

How often we have heard, “Now is the day of salvation,” but there are people in Hell today who waited for a “more convenient time” and time ran out. There are people who knew that they needed to be saved, but they hardened their hearts and as the years went by the farther from God they got. It was not God that moved away. The years went by and the hold of sin became so strong that one day when the call came again to “draw nigh to God,” it was not even heard. The laying up of riches, the pleasures of sin, and even the sense of being self sufficient in doing worthy projects had drowned out the voice that called for repentance. The Holy Spirit took flight and the voice was heard no more. Finally there was no stirring of conviction when the preacher said, “Repent. Turn to God before it is too late. Jesus died to pay for all your sins and to give you eternal life. Will you not accept him now?”

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