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Bethany Baptist Church

The ladies met for their Bible study, Thursday morning, to continue their study of Nehemiah, “Rebuilding in the Rubble.” This week the focus was “Nehemiah’s Prayer.” Prayer is still the first resort for a Christian facing some of the same sort of problems today that had caused the Jews to be discouraged. The next Ladies Bible study is planned for Thursday, February 27 from 8:15 to 9:30. The focus for that lesson is dealing with fear.

Bobby Priddy, Pat Banks, and Norma Stillings drove out to the home of Nadine Letsinger to attend a meeting of the Nubbin Ridge Homemakers Club, Thursday, February 13. It was a beautiful day. It was so nice not to have to deal with icy roads and sidewalks.

Brady and Emaly Whitehouse spent Saturday night out at the guest house on the Jim and Ruby Corder farm. The Corders have been so gracious to offer the use of that house to missionaries that come to speak at Bethany Baptist Church. It began its existence as a dairy barn. It was remodeled later as a dwelling and the Corders lived in it before they built their house.

Emaly Whitehouse and Darlene Sorensen sang two favorite songs in the Sunday services.  Brady Whitehouse brought a message from the crucifixion accounts in the four gospels, “Nail it to the cross.”

When we read those accounts we realize that Jesus suffered terrible agony, mocking, and betrayal.  But when we read further we realize that Jesus, who had never sinned, had taken all our sins upon himself, to bear the curse of them on that tree. It was our sins that were nailed upon that tree. It was our sins that caused God to turn away from His Beloved Son until the penalty for that sin was paid.

Because Jesus paid for those sins, we do not have to hang on to them. We can accept God’s grace and have victory over them.  It might be ungodly music, immodest dress, or foul language. It might be pride, bitterness, or an impure thought life. Whatever it is, it can be nailed to the cross. Jesus died for it all.

There was a dinner at noon in the fellowship hall. There was an afternoon service at 1:00 and the evening service was dismissed.

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