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Bethany Baptist Church

The church service was cancelled Wednesday evening because the parking lot at the church was really slick.

The parking lot still had packed snow on it, Friday evening, but conditions had improved enough that Pastor Bob and Darlene and their helpers made pizza for Pizza and Movie night. The pizza was great, as was expected, and the movie presented the plan of salvation through the circumstances of a child dying with cancer who believed that God had sent him on a mission. When his testimony of faith brought a broken family back together, it was “mission accomplished.”

The Stillings family celebrated Tom and Alan’s birthdays, Saturday. Dan Stillings, Alan Stillings, and Norma Stillings of Ava, Cliff and Debra Bohnstedt of Springfield, Tom Stillings and Joyce Greenwood of Ozark, and Stanley Stillings of Squires met for lunch at Ruby Garden.

The church sang “Happy Birthday” to Jim and Ruby Corder who also celebrated birthdays this last week.

Next Sunday we will have Brady and Emaly Whitehouse with us. They will tell about their “Church Help” ministry. There will be lunch at noon in the fellowship hall. There will be an afternoon service at 1:00 p.m. and no evening service.

Darlene Sorensen sang a special song. Sally played the piano accompaniment for her mother. Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message on the “Oneness in Marriage.”

God’s design for marriage was that two should be made one flesh. This oneness is not only of the flesh, but of the soul and spirit. A covenant marriage cannot be built upon physical attraction only; the two must relate in soul and spirit as well. With the soul we relate to other people. With the spirit we relate to God. The soul is the seat of the intellect, emotions, the will, and our mutual affection. You can agree in all other aspects and still fail to reach spiritual oneness.

To achieve spiritual oneness you must first experience the new birth. Two spiritually dead people can’t be spiritually one. We can’t be what we should be apart from God. A covenant vow is with God toward each other. We need a new ability to be kind, tenderhearted, and forgiving. These cannot be done in our own strength. This can only be done in the power and ability of God. Happiness depends upon our walk with God and not upon our mate.

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