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Bethany Baptist Church

The snow forced the cancellation of the afternoon services, Sunday, but there was a good crowd out for Church that morning. Gene and Ethel VanDeman had come from Arkansas to bring us an update on his Pulpits to Prophets ministry. Gene makes pulpits and communion tables for small churches. Gene taught the Adult Sunday Class on prayer and told how the Lord led him into this ministry.

The church sang Happy Birthday to Jody Stillings whose birthday was that day.

There was lunch at noon in the fellowship hall, but just as soon as the meal was over and the dishes were cleaned up everybody went home.

Prayer requests included Bob and Peggy Helms and Darlene Sorensen’s brother.

A Pizza and Movie night is on the calendar for Friday, but with the forecast calling for more snow and winter mix it remains to be seen. It may have to be postponed.

The Youth Group sang a special song before Pastor Bob brought a message on prayer from John 15:7.

There are many benefits that God has laid in store for us that often go unclaimed because we do not ask. Or we may ask and not receive our request because we asked amiss. We see that getting our prayers answered is conditional upon doing things God’s way. God’s way is not a secret. The first condition to getting our prayers answered is that we must be obedient to the commands in the scripture. The Bible tells fathers, husbands, wives, servants, children, everyone how to live and how to treat each other. We need to have a submissive spirit even as Jesus said, “not my will, thine be done.” We’ve been told that if we humble ourselves, ask in his will, seek his face, and turn from our sins he will answer. If we have the right motive praying in God’s will, having clean hands, a pure heart, and a fervent spirit, he will give us the desires of our heart.

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