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This past week one of our dear residents returned to her Heavenly home.  Martha Goodrich was loved by the many that knew her.  This past Sunday we held a memorial service with the help of our preacher Bob Huskey. We appreciated all those who attended and shared sweet memories of this lovely lady.  One of our favorite pictures of her is when she was having a fabulous time fishing at the catfish ponds.  It always makes us smile.  We hope it will for you as well.  Our love and prayers go out to her family and all those who know her and love her.  Our lives have been richly blessed because of her.  God speed, my friend.



Jeannine Kay Stone was born August 11, 1953 at Skaggs Hospital in Branson, Missouri.  Her parents are Matthew N. Stone and Artilla M. Silvey.  She has two sisters.  Sheila Spurlock of Ozark, MO. and Tuila of Kansas.  Recently, Artilla made the journey back to Heaven.  Jeannine has always been very close to her mother.  As you can imagine, this has been very difficult for her.  She spent a lot of time with her before her passing.  Jeannine enjoyed serving her mother in her last days.  She continues to go to her father’s home and help him.  Jeannine was raised in Kansas City.  Each summer she would spend at the home of her grandparents in Longrun, Missouri.

Jeannine married Reginald F. Spurlock.  They were married at her grandparent’s home.  Her grandfather performed the service.  This 27 year union brought forth two wonderful children,  one boy, Jared Reginald (after his father) and one girl, Regina (mix of mom and dad’s names).  Jeannine enjoys her three beautiful grandbabies.

Jeannine knew from a very early age that education was very important.  High school was an exceptional time and experience.   She was a member of the National Honor Society and was in the Leundis Literary Society.  In 9th grade she was voted Paper Doll Queen (voted by the school newspaper).  She was also 3rd runner up for Homecoming queen.  After High School she attended Drury University.  She worked hard to earn two degrees in English and Secondary Education.  She was a substitute teacher for many years.  She loved it!

Jeannine enjoys reading and studying the classics. Beowulf is one of her favorites.  9th century literature and poetry are the things she enjoys most.  She has written several poems and short stories, some have even been published.

Here at Ava Place we love and appreciate Jeannine being here.  She is a resident volunteer that helps in the kitchen.  She spends a lot of time with her family and  we will really miss her when she goes!  Not only because of the help she gives us, but because she is amazing and wonderful!!!  We are grateful that she is part of our team.

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