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We had a special guest speaker this Sunday morning.  Mr. Tim Reese brought the message in both morning services.  He had a wonderful message from God for us and he shared that message of how God knows and God cares.  Scriptures were read from Rev. 2:8-11 and 3:1-6.  Paul shared God’s directions for our life and in the church.  We need to remember not to take the Lord for granted.  He loves us and wants us to live with Him in eternity.  What we can’t do, is to take that lightly.  He expects us to give our life to His service. He wants us to hold fast to our faith, right to the end.  We may be prosecuted or ridiculed for witnessing our Christian faith, but we have to be strong in all circumstances.  For in the end, we will have the greatest reward of eternal life with God. All it takes is reaching out to Jesus for forgiveness and repentance of our sins.  Then walk on the path that God directs us until He comes back for us to take us to our Heavenly home.

We are so glad the weather has given us a break and we are excited to start on our new Wednesday night Bible study.  We will be studying on the Minor Prophets.  Please come and join us at 7 p.m. each Wednesday.

I know it doesn’t seem possible, but we have started our Easter Choir practice this Sunday at 5 p.m.   This choir is open to anyone who wishes to join in.  The music is wonderful and we’ll have time to practice until April 20th gets here.  We urge you to look into your heart and if you want to share that ministry, please join us each Sunday at 5 p.m. Please remember to pray for those on our list.  We have lots of unspoken requests mentioned today too.  We don’t know the specifics about these, but God knows.  He hears us when his children pray.  Don’t forget our missionaries and our military all over the world.

We were pleased to hear reports on Heath and Cara as they travel to pick up their sons in China.  They made it there and are safe. Bro. Oren says that Heath even found a KFC in China which made him happy.  Only Heath could get excited over a KFC!  God love him.  We wish them a safe journey in China and a safe return with their family.  We are so excited to meet them.  God is good.

Please visit us for worship services every Sunday morning or Sunday Evening.  We also have Sunday school for every age.  As Tim said this morning, he fought going to Sunday school for a long time and when he finally went, it changed his life.  It can change your life as well.  God loves us and He has a plan for all of us.  Please invite Him into your life. You’ll be changed forever.

Have a wonderful week and look to God in prayer for every situation.  We can’t tackle the world alone, but we can do anything through Christ.  See you Sunday. God Bless.

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