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I talked with Bonnie Phipps Sunday and she said she didn’t get out and go to church and since the snow has been on she is staying in.

I took my news and eggs in last Monday and paid some bills and got groceries. After I got home Violet Blakey came and picked up her eggs and that evening I went to our O.E.S. meeting, twelve members made it out.

I received 1.5 inch of snow by 2 p.m. last Tuesday and later that day it misted and froze and Wednesday by 9 a.m. I had ¼ of an inch of snow and when I melted all of it down I had .2 of liquid in my rain gauge. That afternoon I took eggs over to the girls at the courthouse.

I took my car in Thursday and had a new windshield blades put on so Friday I would have them on.

Friday I went to Ozark to the doctor. When I came out of his office Monica met me there and I gave her some newspapers that she wanted of this week.

I went to Springfield and saw my granddaughter, Annie Blakey, who is in the hospital, then I went on over to see Vernal and Ellen before I came on home.

Saturday I went over and picked up a quilt that Lakota had made and brought it home with me.

Sunday after I got  back from church Kendra Dering and Trae Shelton came by and told me that he had proposed to her Saturday and showed me the ring and then later on Kristie and Lakota came and picked up her quilt and was real pleased.

Lets keep those prayers going for all our sick folks.

Prayers and sympathy goes out to all the ones who have lost a loved one.

Lets keep praying for our men and women in the service and their families and for our leaders and the ones who are in training to go overseas.

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