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Bonnie Phipps and Cecilia Edwards didn’t go to church Sunday and later on they were glad because the snow came and the roads got bad.

I went to Ozark last Tuesday to see my doctor and when I got out of there I went to Wal-Mart and saw my granddaughter, Brittany, then over to see my sister, Margaret Allen and daughter, Brenda, before heading back to Ava.

I stopped by George and Violet Blakey’s and when I left there I went into town and picked up my medicine and stopped by Jo and John Stephens and then on home.

I took some eggs in last Tuesday and that evening Donna came by and got her eggs because the eye doctor office was closed before twelve and I brought Donna’s eggs back home.

I went to Tom and Mary Martha Williams Wednesday and took some things to her and then I went over to see Mike Bock and Charlotte because Mike’s mother had passed away.

Tara brought Jett over Thursday. That afternoon Joel Reemes and three of his friends, Ryan, Clinton and Dustin on their way home. They had been over at the school to talk about the safety of the school.

Nina Carter came by after she got off work and she and I went to Ozark to the Stained Glass Theatre and saw “The Next Step.” It showed the four different families with different problems, but they all had God in their life. I thought it was real good. The fifteenth of this month is the last day for this play.

Tom and Mary Martha Williams and Doris Morrison all went to Jerry’s Whirl Winds Thursday night.

I went and got a few groceries on Friday.

Saturday some of the O.E.S. ladies helped Charlotte with serving the Bock families at the Lodge Hall before the funeral. We went to the funeral later.

I didn’t make it to church Sunday because when I went out to get into my car the doors were frozen so I went and got my rain gauge and took it in and melted the rain that had froze in it and melted it and got .5 inches of liquid. Later on it started snowing and when it quit I had two inches of snow.

Lets keep our sick folks in our prayers and say a special one for Annie Blakey.

Our prayers and sympathy go out to the Bock and Pruett families and all the others who have lost a loved one.

Keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in your prayers.

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