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All Around Bradleyville

If you didn’t have your outside possessions tied down last week there is a good chance they are in the next county by now. I couldn’t believe how hard the wind blew for a few days. Several people had shingles blown off their roofs, including us. The ridge-cap on top of our house was standing up straight most of the length of the house. Bob got on top of the house and nailed them back down but I fear there are more leaks in our future when it rains. I heard that several people had trampolines blown out of their yards and one family had their heavy wooden swing set blown over. I spent two hours outside Saturday picking up pop cans, juice bottles and trash that had blown all over my yard from the pile beside Bob’s truck. They needed picked up anyway, I just hadn’t made the time to do it. Now it is all sacked up, ready to recycle or burn, depending on the content. On a bright note, I noticed the warm days had caused the daffodil leaves and surprise lily leaves to break through the ground. Now I will be on the lookout for the crocus blooms.

Both the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams won their games in the first games of district play last Saturday at Sparta. The girls played again Monday evening of this week against the Chadwick girls and the boys played on Tuesday evening against the Chadwick boys. These games will be played by the time the paper comes out so I don’t know right now if we are still playing or not. If they did win, the girls will play on Thursday, February 27 at 6:00 PM and if the boys have won they will also play on Thursday evening at 7:30.

Our sympathy goes to the family of Henry Lawrence who passed away last week. Henry grew up in this area and graduated from Bradleyville School. He and his wife Lorene and two daughters, Patti and Jody lived here for many years. After their girls were grown Henry and Lorene moved to Springfield. Henry had been battling cancer for nine years. Everyone that knew Henry appreciated his kindness and sense of humor and he always had a smile for everyone.

Birthdays for the coming week include: February 27: Maycee Lumley, Scott Puckett; March 1: Bob Dalton, Brett Johnson, Heather Maggard; March 2: Dannon Hall, Morgan Lawrence; March 3: Janice Gray; March 4: Lee Bettis, Boone Hodges, Lindsey Thomas.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: February 28: Richard and Sue Baker; March 2: Bill and Paula Walker.

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