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All Around Bradleyville

Wouldn’t you love to be a kid again this winter? Snowmen, snowball fights, snow ice cream, sledding, and the best of all, no school! I remember how exciting it was when I was a child and woke up to several inches of snow on the ground. Even when I had small children it was fun to get outside with them and build snowmen or go sledding. Now it is just aggravating to me to think I might have to get out on the snowy porch and get firewood. And goodness, forget about keeping a floor clean until the stuff melts and the mud dries up. My how a perspective can change. I still like to watch it snow and I like to watch the grandkids playing in it, but that is the extent of what I find pleasurable about snow.

I have heard my dad tell stories about when he was a young boy and he said he remembered when Beaver Creek froze so solid they could drive a team of horses and wagon across without breaking. That would have been probably around eighty years ago. Then his mother used to tell of when she was a girl and said her dad always planted potatoes in February, which would have been around 120-125 years ago, so I guess the weather has always been very unpredictable around here.

Congratulations to our great-niece and her family on a new addition of a baby daughter. Alison and Brent Maggard and their daughter Leighton welcomed a new baby girl, Lux Olivia on January 29. She is beautiful, of course.

One day last week was very scary and dangerous for our neighbor across our back fence. Wanda Whitaker was at home when her house was partially destroyed by fire. I am so thankful that nobody was hurt.

I don’t know if any ballgames will get to be played this week or not because of the weather so check with the school before you go. If there is no school that day there will probably be no ballgame that evening. The schedule shows a girls game with Gainesville at home on Thursday, February 6, starting at 6 p.m. Both the boys and girls will play Everton at home on Friday, February 7, starting that night at 5:30 p.m. That will also be Bradleyville’s Homecoming. On Monday, February 10 both the boys and girls are scheduled to play at Niangua starting at 5:30pm again. On the 13th of February, both the girls and boys will play Norwood at home, starting at 5:00 p.m. that night. Both teams will also play the next night, Friday, February 14 at home, starting at 5:30 p.m.. They will play Lutie that night. Only one more game after that on February 20 with Chadwick and that will wrap up the regular season.

Birthdays for the coming week include: February 6: Kenneth Braden, Sheila Burkhart; February 7: Richard Braden, Alan Dorsey; February 9: Cathy Dalton, Sam Norwine; February 10: Eddie Hunsaker; February 11: Russell Burkhart, Tom Shultz, Tom Todd; February 12: Bobby Combs, Sam Day, Ada Dennis, Betty Maggard.

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