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Happy New Year to all. I hope this year will be better than last year for you.

When we had all the winter storms last week some people had to slow down and take time to be with their family, play games, do without water a few days. Everywhere you look was so frosted white, temperature 0 degrees and below days and night. The magic of God we call winter wonderland. No place like home to be able to sit by a warm stove while the south winds are blowing outside. There maybe frost on the window panes, but I am inside feeding the stove, watching snowflakes fall.

Friday afternoon Gary and I went to Ava and visited his mother, Maxine Turner, and sister, Vicki Goodman. While we were there Vicki’s son, Dallas Conn, came.

Saturday afternoon I went to Ralph and Dana Brazeal’s home for the grandson, Cole Little’s first birthday party. Cole was a year old on the 9th. Zamber, Cole’s mother brought him and Liviya and Wyatt Wharton. Other guests were Tiffanee Brooks and Zoe Shull, Bill Satterfield, Tafi and Eli Shannon and Marti Yost and Ron, Megan and Gavin Spears, Howard and Ella Faye Mitchell.

Sunday afternoon our church, True Hope, went to the Gainesville nursing home. Kelby Brent’s dad, Julius, is there now.

Most of the children are happy to be back in school. A lot of days to not see their friends.

Give a work of kindness, it may last all day, you don’t know how troubled their hearts may be.

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