We will be celebrating Martin Luther King’s birthday this Monday, January 20th. Then Feb. 2nd Groundhog Day comes around again and in PA. they celebrate “big time” on this day! If he comes out of his den it is thought that he will go back in and stay six more weeks predicting we will have a late spring.

Karen K. Davis, Dana Taylor and I were in Mountain Home last Wednesday where I had my eye doctor appointment following cataract surgery. We had lunch together.

Dean and Marsha Lyon are busy with their cows having calves, and keeping out plenty of hay, as many other people are doing who have cattle to feed.

Our postmaster, Kim is a new grandmother of a grandson in Springfield. Congratulations. She went to see him Friday afternoon. His name is Clark.

Granddaughter, Dana, has been busy this week helping Dave and Karen Davis get the house ready to move into soon. They have been sanding and painting the past week and at her home there are some new calves so she and Chet have chores to do at the farm.

Kris Luebbert is here with me for awhile this winter and busy with chores around this place. She visited her sister, Karen K. Davis and Dave Sunday. And again Monday helping them paint some in their house.

There was an accident on a curve east of here on 160 hwy. Sunday at noon, but we haven’t learned the injuries of the ones involved.

Our prayers are with Carla Jenkins and her health problems.

Harry Davidson has health problems also. He is feeling better this week.

Richard and Rene Blackburns’ grandson, Alex, is in school at Great Lakes Naval Station in Chicago, IL. at age 21 years.

Neighbors, Paralee Rea and Loretta Davidson keep busy filling their bird feeders. They have been seeing lots of doves also who come to eat the feed.

Jonathan Aronis from Springfield, visited Kris and me Monday morning on his delivery route to Mountain Home.

More news next week hopefully.