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Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Well, we finally made it back to church.  Praise item from Bro. Rick was the beautiful warm weather today.  Other praise items:  Monte Housley’s grandson’s back surgery went well and Glenda Jones is much better.

Prayer requests:  Sandy Housley’s sister (Patty Nunn), Sharon Renfrow’s sister Della, Marilyn Marah’s sister in law, Maddie and Blake, Ruby Henderson family, Dave Hutton, some of Sandy’s friends, Phyllis Virtue, Darrell Price, Shelby Moore, Frances Marler, Jerry Hochwalt, Jay Boardman, and Vic Mills.  So many others in the bulletin and special unspoken requests were made.

Bulletin News:  Children’s Church today with sister Helen.  Drawing for Secret Sisters with Tammi Housley organizing the information.  Activity Committee to meet Wednesday the 15th.

Birthdays:  Anthony Crisp and Tony Serghides.

Anniversaries:  Trent and Chelsie Jones/ and Stanley and Glenda Jones. Eva and Aspen Housley did a special, reading by Virginia Serghides,  special by Sandy Housley.  We should all remember to thank the Lord Daily, since so many are without food, heat, money and housing.  We are so blessed in America.

Bro. Rick mentioned how great it was to have Roy and Lola Dennis back in church.  He preached from 1st Samuel chapter 8 on the Nation of Israel.  He compared that nation to America.  In 1976, it was our Bi-Centennial.  We were a very young nation, but we were considered one of the greatest nations on earth.  We were favored and blessed by God.  We had the Statute of Liberty to meet all the tired, needy, and poor as they entered the harbor at New York City.  We were a free country and everyone was praying, praising, and thanking God.  Politicians would pray to God at meetings for help in making good decisions.  Our money has in God We Trust, and we meant this.  God was mentioned in the Pledge of Allegiance; people would stop for lunch and pray; people rested on the Lord’s Day; people made deals with promises and handshakes-they didn’t need paperwork and contracts; and if something was said you could count on them keeping their word.  God spilled blessings on us.  People worked hard.  What will our nation be like at the Tri-Centennial year 2076?  We should each take a look at the laws that are being passed, and the choices we make because that will make a difference in the future of America.  Look down the road like in verse 18 of 1st Samuel, there will be results from the choices we make as a nation.  We should all want the reputation for being a blessed nation.  We can each do our part by giving God our life, confessing our sins and following the commandments in the Bible.  Bro. Rick Batten 683-5657 or 250-0918.

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