Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

It is almost a new year.  Recent additions to the prayer list are:  Virtues’ granddaughter, Vic Mills, Jack Lathrom, Patty Jones, Glenda Jones, Darrell Price, Phyllis Virtue, Shelby Moore, Steven and Jimmie Marler, Frances Marler, Monte Housley’s grandson, Bill Gray family, Helen Batten, our country and our servicemen and women.

December birthdays:  Sharon Renfrow, Rick Batten, Samantha Smith, Kennedy, Pat Moore, Trent Jones, Eva Housley, and Norman Virtue.

Praise:  Lola Dennis is still feeling good with no signs of cancer.

Upcoming Events:  No Bible Study this Wednesday night,  Men’s Breakfast January 2at 7 a.m.,  general board meeting Jan. 5,  business meeting January 8.

December Anniversary:  Jimmie and Sharon Marler.

We appreciate Sandy Housley for all the hard work she did  on the Christmas program.  People enjoyed all the Christmas cards they received, and the wonderful Christmas dinner last week.

We appreciate Pat and Shelby Moore for the “goodie bags” they made for everyone.

Today the church gave Bro. Rick a nice birthday card and gift.  I think he turned “39” one more time.

Special today by Tammi Housley.

Bro. Rick’s sermon today was from Ecclesiastes.  He spoke on the words of Solomon- no new thing under the sun.  He thought Solomon might have been having a mid-life crisis.  Life can be a drudgery when you do the same things day after day- you go to work, get a weekend break, and return to work again.  He gave examples how he might ‘dampen’ the spirit of deer hunters by not showing great excitement when they come into his shop. He told how a 1,000 years after Solomon, things did change. Christ came to earth; he came out of the grave so sins could be forgiven.  In 2014, we can meet Jesus and become a new person.  We can live with hope, meaning, and direction in our lives.  1st Peter 1:3, “We can have a lively hope because Jesus was raised from the dead”.  In 2014, we will still have to work, still need food, clothes and housing.  But we can choose if we want to have a positive attitude and perspective in life or not.  God can still surprise us with Good Surprises.  Have a great 2014.

Call Bro. Rick Batten with questions:  683-5657 or 250-0918.  Hope everyone had a great Christmas.