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Hello everyone.  I know that I’m behind a couple of articles.  Sorry about that.  My computer suddenly decided to go down so that has interrupted my writing schedule.  At this point, I still haven’t been able to acquire another computer.  Actually, my son has my old, old computer so if he can get it going with parts I sent him from my broken one, I may have a workable computer soon.  Meanwhile, it is just me and my pencil.

The Red Bank Church service was opened with hymns led by Gary Lirley.  He also gave the morning welcome because Jerry Huff, our Sunday School Superintendent, could not be in attendance due to severe back pain.  We pray he will be back with us soon.  Get well soon, Jerry.

It was announced that our monthly “Bridging the Gap with Fun, Food and Fellowship” would begin at 5:30 p.m. for the evening service.  The ladies will meet from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. and then join in with the other activities.

Our pastor, Lauren Page, had to travel to Arizona to attend a family funeral, so the pulpit was filled by Phillip Loyd, a young minister from New Zealand who just received his doctorate from the Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Mo.  He brought a very inspiring message from Luke 7:11, which tells the story of Jesus having compassion on a widowed mother who was about to bury her only son that had died.  When Jesus and his group of followers met up with the funeral procession, He told the widow not to weep, touched the open coffin and said to the young dead man, “I say to you, arise.”  The young man immediately sat up and began to speak.  Jesus then presented him to his mother (Luke 7:11, 14-15).

Brother Loyd pointed out that there were two crowds of people that met in the middle of the road that day. One crowd was with Jesus and full of joy and power, and the other crowd was full of grief and woe.  Which crowd would you want to be a part of?

The men of the church had a wonderful time playing games with the children who attended the evening of fun, food and fellowship.  The women, likewise, thoroughly enjoyed their meeting too.  Needless to say, everyone enjoyed the delicious food that was brought by all.

Gary and I visited with Maxine Lirley.  She was doing well.  Her new hearing aid is making it much easier for her to hear.  A new TV was placed in her room recently, which she enjoys watching when she isn’t reading a book or keeping busy with other activities.

It sounds like we are in for a bit more of the bitter cold weather we have been experiencing lately.  It truly feels like we are on a roller coaster of good and bad weather.  The high winds make the cold temperatures seem worse.  I’ve been trying to feed my kitty cats a little more food during these extreme cold days.  They really get excited when they are about to get fed.  Lately, we have been blessed with more kittens than we planned on having around our house.  Gary says that we have a “catastrophe of catatonic cats.”  Boy, do we ever!  At least we haven’t seen a mouse around our house lately.  Maybe that is how they are paying for their keep.  Snakes don’t like to come around cats either.

Well, that is all the news for now.  Take care, stay warm and seek to follow Jesus.  Be a part of His crowd.

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