Red Bank Church

Hello everyone.  Here it is, the year 2014 already.  Wow, I haven’t written an article since last year.

Sorry it had taken me so long to get back in the groove of writing my article.  The events that took place around here during the Christmas holiday kept me pretty busy.  Our daughter, Cindy and her husband, Dale, arrived here from Florida to spend two weeks with us.  We also enjoyed having our son, Les, and his family joined us for two days during that time.  He made a special effort to visit while his sister was here because he hadn’t seen her for nearly five years.  Our daughter, Mitzi, and her family couldn’t be with us this time because everyone had jobs that demanded their presence.   Family time together gets less and less as the grand children get older and older.  They are all busy with their jobs, furthering their education, and sooner or later, getting their families started.

With all the snow we have been having, our Church meetings have been few and far between lately.  However, the Red Bank congregation was able to be together on Dec. 22 for Worshiping the Lord in a special way.  Our Christmas program that day was wonderful where every family had something to offer in celebration of the Birth of the Christ Child.   After Brother Lauren brought the morning message, everyone gathered in the fellowship room for a Christmas meal together.  Then we took the homemade Christmas cards that we had made earlier and candy gift packs to the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center and to the Ava Place Nursing Home where we sang Christmas carols up and down the halls as we went from room to room handing out the cards and candy to each of the residents.  They all seemed to enjoy the music and especially the special music brought by Tattie Maggard as she played her Tin Whistle for them.  The residents may have felt blessed from all the attention paid them, but they could not have felt more blessed than we did.  We went intending to make their Christmas more special, but instead, they made our Christmas a much more Blessed one.  We left with more than when we came.

The Red Bank Church service on Dec. 29 began with hymns led by Gary Lirley.  A warm welcome was given by Jerry Huff.   Special music was presented by Eloise Hallmark.  Everyone was reminded to bring their gift of canned foods for the Ozark Food Harvest which will be delivered soon.    Brother Lauren brought an inspiring message taken from the book of James on enduring the trials and temptations of life through faith in God by doing as James said, But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. (James 1:22)  It was wonderful to have most of our family sitting in Church with us again.  It is a blessing to know that the rest of our family, even though they couldn’t be with us, was also worshiping the Lord in their own church.

Because of bad weather, there was no service at Red Bank Church last Sunday, Jan. 5.  We look forward to being able to meet together next Sunday.

Miranda Hallmark’s family took her back to Knox University in Illinois to continue her studies during the New Year.  She had a friend from college visiting her and her family during the Christmas holiday.  I got a chance to meet her last Sunday and let her in on all the secrets that I know about Miranda.  They got a kick out of that.  I can’t for the life of me remember the name of Miranda’s friend, but she seemed to be a very nice young lady.

Brother Les Hallmark is doing well after he had his second shoulder surgery recently.  I know that he is happy to get the surgeries on both of his shoulders over with and let the healing begin.  He seems to think that both surgeries were successful.  It’s not always easy to go through the trauma of surgery, but time and patience in healing will be a huge pay off for the future.

Some of our neighbors, friends and family are experiencing harsh flu and cold symptoms.  I know that our daughter, Mitzi and her family had something that brought on high fever and severe congestion.  It quickly passed on to each family member.  I called Pam Shell last week and she sounded extremely congested.  She asked me to get her some Mucinex P.M. and A.M. for her so she could get some sleep from constant coughing symptoms and help her to feel better during the day.  I did, and she called the next day to say that she was feeling much better.  She has made further progress in feeling better and stronger since then.  There are a lot of, over the counter, medicines that can help relieve severe cold and flu symptoms.  Just pick the one you like and use it wisely.

That’s all the news for now.  Remember to keep a drip going in at least one or more of your faucets during this extremely cold weather.  Start this New Year, that God has given us, by dedicating your life to Him.  His way is the best way.