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1-21-13. Well, it’s the same ol’ same ol’. Cold, snowy, windy weather. I guess it’s like that almost everywhere. Everywhere that it gets cold in the winter anyway. It’s always worse somewhere than it is here.  I wouldn’t want to be in those places.

I forgot Saturday that the mail wouldn’t be running yesterday so I didn’t get my letter in the mail. I guess it doesn’t much matter though.

It got up past freezing yesterday so we got out and ran some errands before it turned cold again. We took our recycles down to the transfer station just south of town, filled up with gas for $2.99 per gallon, turned in the pop cans for a refund, went to Wal-Mart and Dollar General and stocked up on a few things. Then not too long after we got back home it started snowing and blowing and the temperature dropped. The last I heard it was zero or maybe one degree today. Nice sun though.

I’m still going around and around with the cable company. I signed the contract for $51.00 per month and paid the cable guy that hooked it up for the first month. Then after awhile I wasn’t getting anything on my television so I called them and they said it had been shut off because the guy had put the big boxes in here and he was supposed to put the little boxes, I told them I didn’t know that. I also told them I wasn’t getting the Quad Cities stations and they’re the ones I want to watch. So I don’t know what he did, but I started getting them. Then after that I got another bill and it was $86.00 so I called them again and said, “I signed on for $51.00 a month and paid the guy that put it for that amount for the first month.” I said, “I’m supposed to be getting 130 channels, which I don’t want and half of them don’t come in anyway and I wouldn’t watch them if they did. (I got 15 channels with my antenna and was perfectly satisfied with that.) So after talking and talking and talking she said she would get it down to $60.00 a month. So I asked how much it would be with everything added on and she said, “$60.00 a month.” So I said okay, but I’m not going to pay $80 some a month, so my next bill was $68.00 (liars). So I thought I would go ahead and be satisfied with that, but then the next month I got a statement for $98.95! So I got way too worked up over that one. Heart flutter and a strong urge to stomp some sense into somebody. So I called again and told them the same things I’d been telling them. She said, “some of that was from last month and some from this month.” (Liar!) Which makes no sense to anybody. So again I had to go over all that about how I signed on for $51.00 a month and every month the charge had been different and kept getting higher and I wanted to go to basic. She said that would be $39.00 a month and with everything added on around $50.00. I told her that’s what it was supposed to be to start with and all those channels I was supposed to be getting. So a guy came out to change it and I told him what all has been going on and told him I know he didn’t have anything to do with that part of it. So anyway, he took the big boxes and put some real little ones and talked to someone on the phone forever nearly and said nobody knows what’s going on. I asked if there was someone I could talk to and he said, “The man in the White House.” They say it’s supposed to be around $50.00 per month and that’s including $9.95 per month for my phone. They probably lied to me about that too.

Well, I won’t even talk about what all I’ve been through trying to get the minutes from my old cell phone put onto my new cell phone.

Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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