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1-13-14. Hello again: Here is is almost the middle of January and February, a short month, and then March will be here. I always look forward to March. Even though we still get some bad weather, we also get some good and knowing it will soon be spring sure helps. I hope the last half of this month is better than the first half with snow almost every day and sometimes icy. This causes much concern for our families who have to go back and forth to work in it and also the dangerously cold temps with the windchills being down in the forties below at times. Grandson, Jared has a longer drive to work now since he moved about 18 miles south of Muscatine and still works at the steel plant near Blue Grass, Iowa. Also, our niece, Renee, who now lives in Muscatine with her new hubby, Joe and she still works at her job in Geneseo, Illinois. She said she likes her job and doesn’t want to quit it, so I understand that. She has been there a long time too. Ever since I’ve known her and that’s been almost ten years because this is mine and Walt’s ten year anniversary. Happy Anniversary to us. We first started talking on the phone ten years ago last month. Then we talked all the month of January. I was snowed in all the time so he couldn’t come out to see me until February. Then on Valentine’s Day he took me to lunch and again on March 16 for my birthday and the rest is history. (as they say). Yesterday was a very good day, 41 degrees, partly sunny, melting a lot of the snow. It’s good to see the ground again even if it is mostly brown. Also we had another family birthday dinner with my family at Lisa’s Restaurant. They were celebrating Anita’s dad, Trevis’ brithday which was the day before on the 11th so he was there, Anita, Jared, Carrie and Zoie, Zoie’s friend, whom I didn’t know, Walt and yours truly. Lisa waited on us so we got to visit a little more with her too. She gave me my Christmas gift that she got after drawing my name.  She got it online and I love it. She knows what I like. It was a pair of Minnetonka suede shoes  mocassin type with higher tops than the slippers I usually get. And a purse to match with fringes. Just my type. We stopped at a couple of stores to do a little shopping then back home. I let the sunshine and 41 degree temp fool me and wasn’t dressed warm enough because of the brisk wind. We haven’t talked to Frank Dee for awhile. The last time we made contact with him he was staying with his daughter, Sue King, there in Hampton, Illinois. We need to check on him again. We’ve got another nice sunshiny day today, around 40 degrees and we’re needing to do some laundry and get caught up around here today because we’re going to the Cities tomorrow and that will take care of that. Luckily, we don’t have far to go to do laundry. Just next door. So I better get started on that and other things. So take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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