Quad Cities

1-7-13. They say among other things, you can tell someone’s from Iowa if they talk about the weather all the time. Well, I am and I do. Right now we’re in a bitterly cold northern vortex, I think they’re calling it that. Something like that anyway. It is frigid! Although today has warmed up to a balmy 9 degrees we’ve been holed up in the apartment for the last few days, waiting it out.

On Monday when I usually mail this letter it was 45-47 degrees below zero with the windchill factor. So I didn’t even go out to put mail in the box or get my mail, or anything. Tuesday I went out to get my mail that had been delivered Monday so there would be room for more mail that day in the box. Thank goodness it’s in the same building and I don’t really have to go outside, but the entry way isn’t closed off and the cold wind blows into there.

We’ve been getting some snow about every day. Then the wind blows and drifts it. They do  a real good job keeping the parking lot and sidewalks cleared off. We don’t have to do any of it this year.

We went to Muscatine one day last week to stock up before it turned colder, but we just stopped at a couple stores and didn’t even stop in the restaurant to eat, just came on back home. On Friday we’re supposed to get an ice storm. So we won’t be going out then. We have to make our monthly trek to the Cities soon, but I think we’ll wait until next week. The weather is supposed to be better then. Last month we just did what we had to do then came on home. But we stopped at Walcott and got lunch and probably will this time too.

I finally got Mediacom to bring my bill down some. I told them I signed up for $51.00 per month and they keep raising the price. They got it up to $86.00 and most of the channels I don’t even watch. Most of the movies I’ve seen and don’t want to see them again, so they came up with some kind of excuse why they did that. Now it’s $64.00 or in the sixties somewhere. So I guess I can tolerate that as there are few channels I enjoy watching. We got some wireless headphones and use them at night so we don’t disturb “the man upstairs” or the man right behind us. Then when Walt goes to bed I can watch television without it keeping him awake. Son-in-law, Carl, got Walt’s name for Christmas and I told him that would be perfect for Walt. So I sent Anita some money to get me some too. One day a man from Mediacom came and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse for a landline phone. It’s suppose to be $9.99 a month with me able to call anywhere 24/7 without extra charge. They said they offered that because I was already a customer. I had just gave my wireless landline to Goodwill so I had to get another. I had Walt to use it to call his granddaughter,  Candi Allison-Williams. He could hear her good, but she said he was cutting out a lot. So he called her later on, on his phone. I had sent a Christmas card to friend, Kay Applegate in VanCouver and told her what my new number would be so she called me and the same thing happened. She was coming in good, but I was cutting out, so I have to figure out what’s wrong with it. And then watch out! I will call some people and see if I can talk anybody into giving me some news. So take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.