Oak Grove Church

Wow, we had one of those Sunday mornings that every pastor dreams about. For Sunday school we were blessed with five times as many in attendance as one week ago. Then when worship services started we had nine times as many in worship services as we had, only on week ago.

Yes a week ago we had all that ice and snow and our numbers were not exactly what you might call a multitude, okay, there were only three of us present for Sunday school, but we did all stay for worship services, that’s right all three of us.

I am still going to tell everyone I can that we had five times as many in Sunday school this week and nine times as many for worshp services because it’s true. And trust me, if you have ever taught a Sunday school class when the whole congregation for that morning consists of two, and you…let me assure you, even though we were still pretty thin..nine times as many as last week, sure sounds better than, twenty-eight, and after a solid three, you even see twenty-eight from a whole different perspective.

We plan to have teen night tonight (Monday) at 6:30, food, music, devotional and time of fellowship.

Come and join us in worship services, if there are only three of us, you could increase our numbers by 25%, just be showing up and just imagine how welcome your going to be. If need be, I can order some more “Reserved” seating placards to make sure there is somewhere for you to sit (but lately, that really hasn’t been necessary.)