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Howdy. I told you that the weather would change and I do believe it’s changed three times since our last writing. It’s a good thing that the Lord gave animals a built-in immune system. But humans are different. There is a lot of sickness and it is staying with you longer.

Johnny Spiva is still pretty sick and as of writing, he was still in the hospital.

I know a lot of people don’t know the owner of the sale barn, Brian Hoover, but you have used his parking lot. Well, he’s been sick for 3 weeks and he went to the hospital Thursday. It started out  as the flu, now he has pneumonia.

I grew up with Kathy Bungard. She later married Dave Hutton and they live in Lebanon. Dave had a stroke and is home now. He was a radio announcer for a Lebanon station. Kathy’s grandparents were Rev. Vernon Maye. Her brother, Doyle Bungard still lives in Norwood.

This is kind of late news, but we lost a business, North Wood Valley has closed their doors. The owner is selling out and moving back to England. She lives out on E Hwy. across from Shawn Chadwell. Their auction is set for Feb. 1.

Trapping season is coming to a close at the end of this month. I love to see what critters my husband comes home with. Chad and Jeff Devault are the big trappers, except Chad’s always teasing Jeff that he couldn’t even catch a cold, ha, ha! But that’s not true, they have really cleaned house on the coyotes, coons, possums, a few skunks and a few bobcats.

The landowners love you to trap on them to get rid of these predators that kill quail, turkey and rabbits. Makes better hunting.

Sorry to hear about Faye Gray passing away. She has two children left in Norwood, Linda Greenfield and Bobby Gray. Faye was the wife of the late Robert Gray.

The girls played against Seymour Thursday and lost, but I thought they played hard and that’s all I ask is play your hardest. They will be in a Mansfield tournament January 27 through Feb. 1. They will head to Gainesville Friday night for a make-up game.

The boys played against Mountain Grove at home on the 21st, and they also lost. They will play at Hartville Friday night and at Seymour, Jan. 28 and at Fordland the 4th.

Here is a couple of events that will take place so mark your calendar. Homecoming will be on Sweetheart’s Day, Feb. 14 against Winona, and prom will be April 18, and Alice has informed me that she is running for homecoming so we have two dresses to come up with. I’m glad she’s not uppity or I couldn’t afford it.

Happy anniversary to John and Carrie Williams on the 26th.

Fun Facts: There were dirt roads between Norwood and Mansfield that wound around the hills. Ernest Ellis family got their first car in 1916 and there were no roads, just trails to drive. Year by year, they began building them up.

Thought: Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength. (I know this from experience).

Until next week, God bless our little town.

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