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What beautiful spring weather we are having. Don’t let it fool you though, we can and will have more bad weather. But we will be happy while it’s nice.

Sorry to hear about Carl Kelley passing away this week. Our thoughts are with his family.

John Spiva is still in the hospital and he’s holding his own. I heard he will move pretty soon to do therapy.

Glad to hear Elsie Curtis is out of the hospital, she used to be my cook at the school. Also sorry to hear her sister passed away, Ruby Proctor.

The Kelly’s tore down another house. The house behind the old Blanton Store. They call it the Richardson place. I would like to send out my appreciate for all the work and effort to Donnie and your boys.

The deadline to sign up for city alderman is January 21 at the city hall. You have to be at least 21 and live within the city limits at least one year.

The boys played Tuesday evening at Dora and lost. The girls had a make-up game Tuesday against Houston and won. The girls played at Mansfield on the 20th, and the boys were in a Gainesville tournament 13-18.  They have a home game on the 21st, for those of you that just like to go to the home games.

Happy anniversary to Matt and Arlena Oguinn on the 22nd and my uncle Dan and Beverly Page on the 23rd.

Thursday morning, Faye Gray was transported by Air-Evac to the hospital. She had a massive stroke and as of Friday she was still holding on.

The high school girls basketball team took a win over Fordland Thursday evening. They have a home game the 23rd against Seymour at 6 p.m.

The next boys home game will be Jan. 21 against Mountain Grove. That ought to be a good game. They are in a tournament at Gainesville as of writing.

A freshman was picked and received a medal. That great ball handler was miss Emily Chadwell. She plays with confidence, her own style and she has great sportsmanship about her. In the Sparta tournament there were eleven players picked for the All Tournament Team. Her proud parents are Shawn and Shelley Chadwell.

Lon Bruffett and Chad, with the help of Russell Raney, have already got the room torn down from the Atchison home. Structure will begin soon depending on weather.

Fun Facts: Mr. Ellis was paid 25-30 dollars a month to teach school down in Douglas County. He boarded with a family and went home on the weekends riding the Star mail route. The mail route would bring him back to school on Monday morning. He had 15 students.

Thought: Promises are like garbage. They should be carried out daily. Have you made a promise that needs to be taken care of?

Until next week, God bless our little town.

Any news, call me at 746-1112.

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