Norwood Gleanings

Howdy. Well, another round of bad weather is behind us and spring is getting a little closer.

Because of Christmas break and snow, the kids have gone to school 11 days in the last 50 days and that makes a few of us parents a little irritable and broke, having to feed them all day long.

Luther Bradshaw, a long time resident, passed away at his home south of Norwood on C Hwy. Thursday morning. We send his family our sympathy.

We went ahead and had the Atchison benefit Saturday, despite the bitter cold and snow. It was a huge success. There wasn’t a whole lot of people there, but they were very generous. We brought in $3,700. I appreciate the Kellys for picking for us. We were serenaded while we ate, and to Shawn Chadwell for auctioning despite his medical problems. He still did a great job. It’s not life threatening and can be controlled with medicine.

Ran into an old buddy of mine, John Callus Thursday at the sale barn and we were talking about my New Year’s Resolution that I made about “seeing a need and meeting that need.” Well, to just let you know, I flunked my first test three days after I made it. It’s harder than you think and John is going through the same thing. His name sake, Callie, his daughter, is needing a vehicle and he’s having a hard time acting upon “it’s better to give than receive.” Callie, if you’re reading this, I hope your dad finds it in his heart to help you. Ha, Ha!

The mandolin player for the Kellys, Clayton Kelly, probably woke up Friday morning with a huge headache. He got hit by an excavator in the back of his head. They ran tests. He’s going to be fine but he has a big gash that will hurt for awhile. Clayton, now you know how your dad feels when you were born, a big headache. Ha, Ha!

Congratulations to Glenn Boykin and Beverly McCallister. They were married December 20. I know Glenn’s daughter was happy for this. Jennifer really took up with Beverly. As a matter of fact, Glenn might be sitting in second seat and Beverly’s in first.

I only had one anniversary this week and it goes to Kenneth and Betty Gray of Macomb. They were married 55 years ago.

Everyone is asking about Stampede, the former Lazy Lees store. They are struggling to get fuel back in and the weather has hurt them too. They are trying to hold on as long as they can.

Fun Facts: Norwood did summer school around 82 years ago. The woods were full of country schools and the county commission, C.J. Knight lived in town. He was the superintendent at that time. Then he had summer school for those interested in teaching school after 8th grade. He gave them an examination. Those that passed were given a certificate to teach.

Thought: Church bulletin board read: “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Get up and let’s do something to help one another.

Until next week, God bless our little town.