Mt. Tabor Church

What a great day to be back in God’s house. When you have missed church, it throws your entire week out of balance.  Our coming week is based on worship, the first day of our week. Sometimes it’s hard to get your days straight, when you have missed church, and especially if you have holidays in the middle of your week.  We had many to pray for and many have lost the battle, and we remember the bereaved.

Brother Ric read 1 Corinthians 9:21-27, with his thought about “The race.” It is very important to start strong, however, endurance is a trait we must have to finish to the end.

Brother Ric and Lisa were elected to be our pastor for the next year, congratulations to them and we are looking forward to good things happening in this new year. We continue to look for a piano player. If this is your talent and you don’t have a regular church home, we would be so glad to have you come.

Pat Lansdown continues to recuperate at home, however, she did feel well enough to ride to West Plains, Tuesday evening. Sometimes getting out of the house is good medicine. Doug, Kristi and Jadon Lansdown visited Ronnie and Pat during the weekend. They also visited Grandma Myrle.

Those visiting Myrl Cox recently have been Paul Cox, Jenna, Jessie and Buster Davis, Ronnie Lansdown and Jeanne Cox.  Myrl appreciated all the girls bringing her meals to her and helping with her daily needs.

Ronda Soto came to Martin Hathcock’s to spend Sunday night and Monday with her dad.  John Stephens also came by Tuesday.  Martin drove out to Jim and Jo Hathcock’s, Saturday.

Jewell Elliott attended funeral services for Robert Henson last week.

Tom and Jewell Elliott, James and Tammy Elliott enjoyed lunch Friday night with Shaun, LeAnna and MaKayla and Logan.

J.C. Hall and Tom and Jewell Elliott were in Mtn. Grove, Monday evening for the visitation of Ruby Proctor, their long time friend and neighbor. They were able to visit with many folks they had not seen in a long time.