Mt. Tabor Church

Church was canceled this week at almost all churches, since we are in the deep freeze with ice, snow and very cold temperatures. Hopefully this coming Sunday will be better, but we can always be in prayer for our loved ones, those that are sick, the lost, and those in the bad storms. We especially pray for the bereaved, a sad time for many.

Mae Cox seems to be doing well, enjoys calls from her friends and family. She says she hears from her brother and sisters, regularly. Lisa Johnson and Jesse came by to see her this last week.

Martin Hathcock has been staying in during the bad weather. His children keep close tabs on him.

Visitors in the Tom and Jewell Elliott home lately were James Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Elliott, MaKayla and Logan, Jim and Carla Hearod. Imogene Madewell stopped by one day and left a plate of goodies for the Elliotts.

Dan and Kim Clements visited Harold and Kay Hutchison, last Saturday afternoon.

Pat Lansdown is home, again,  following a set back after her surgery. She spent several days in the hospital this last week and is making slow progress, again. We send our best to her. Jeanne Cox and Paul Cox have been checking up on Myrl while the weather has been bad.