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Good morning friends, well here in our vicinity it is cold.  After such a beautiful Sunday it is hard to adjust.  I have never seen a weather pattern like we have been having – one day cold, next day warm.  Both Jim Frye and I agree that in all our years, we’ve never seen a season like we’re having.

Sunday services were very good.  The lesson was studying Revelations and we explored several mysteries.  Then Kent’s sermon was annointed and we heard what Christians should do to please our Savior.  We owe it to God to take pride in our appearance and be the best that we can be.  We had fellowship dinner after church and then some of us stayed until 4 o’clock for a music session and visiting.  I appreciate the songs and the singers so much and I love my sister Jean’s singing.  I always end up crying when she sings because it touches me in a special way.

My sister Jo came by one afternoon and we had a good time together just talking.  I have two of the best sisters in the world and our adopted sisters Audrey and Lorene are special also.

I want to say hello to my special friend, Vonda Stine.  Your family is on our prayer list at church and I pray for you daily my dear Vonda.

Greetings to Betty Burton and Lynda.  I’ll answer your letter very soon.  I love hearing from you.

When our friends move away after spending your lifetime with them, it makes you wonder why we didn’t spend more time together.  I miss you sweet Betty.  We’ve shared a special time together in a special place with the best people in the world.  We have been truly blessed.

I seem to wax nostalgic as I grow older for I miss the old days and the old ways.  This new world is very puzzling and too much of a challenge.  I resist learning how to use the new gadgets and I think most of it is a waste of time.

I enjoy my TV and I like to read and that’s my past time.

My niece, Robyn, comes three days a week and I look forward to her time with me.  She does the things for me that used to be so easy and that now I can no longer do.

Robyn must put this in the box for me so I’ll try to keep my scribblings in weekly since the holidays are finally over.

Until next time be kind to those around you and be sure to give God some time and praise.

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